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Get your eshop on without an initial setup fee (worth 120€) and and receive 200 credits.
Normal pricing applies for subscriptions after the early adopters scheme.

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"Where can I find this?"

... is one of the most common questions asked in the Maltese shopping landscape. Many consumers may not be aware that your eshop offers the product they are looking for, and tend to resort only to shops they already know about.
We are here to help people discover your business!
If you have an eshop you can now be part of the revolution in Malta's ecommerce landscape!

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Get exposure

Retain your existing clientele while driving new customers to your eshop, without the need of expensive adverts or magic SEO techniques

Be noticed

Grow out of the shadow of huge eshops. Get an equal opportunity to prove your value

Increase sales

Your eshop will appear every time a customer searches for any of the products you are offering. More exposure can increase both your physical and online sales

Be competitive

Use the data and analytics from the merchant dashboard to stay ahead of the competition


Connecting your eshop is easy, we already provide the plugins

We have already created the plugins needed for the major ecommerce CMS platforms to connect your eshop with The currently available plugins (free of charge, of course!) are for: Wordpress (with Woocommerce), Shopify, Magento 1 & 2, Prestashop, BluePark
Are you in need of custom development? Contact us and we will provide you with all the help needed.

Improve your sales
with the helpful merchant platform

Monitor the performance of your products and get valuable data on how your prices stand compared to the competition

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COVID-19 has rapidly changed Malta’s e-commerce and customers’ habits. Online sales are increasing in almost all kinds of products, and are expected to increase further. What does offer: Instead of tedious research among various websites, the customer will be visiting only one, typing the product they are interested in, and getting all stores that sell it. It’s up to the customer then to choose the merchant to buy from, based on the requested price, stock availability, proximity to one’s locality in case a physical sale is preferred etc. Missing to be included will only give leverage to your competitors!
The Cost Per Click is currently set to 5 or 6 credits.
All prices are subject to change and include VAT